Our Impact

Since it was established in 2004, the One Drop of Kindness Foundation’s projects have brought hope, health and happiness to many people in Tibet, Nepal and India, in the USA, and in Ireland.

Initial projects included providing single mothers, children, and the elderly in Tibet with clothing, shoes, prosthetic limbs, and educational supplies.

Here are three recent projects undertaken in Tibet and the USA:

The Nugchu Aqueduct:

In the past year the Foundation raised enough funds to be able to build an aqueduct for the villagers of Nugchu in Tibet. The villagers now have access to local, fresh water for themselves and their livestock, which has significantly changed the quality of their lives. The money raised went towards the cost of materials, while the villagers volunteered to help build the aqueduct.


1,500 Pairs of Shoes

One Drop of Kindness Foundation recently donated over 1,500 pairs of shoes to underprivileged Tibetan children and teenagers. The Tibetan Plateau is an immense upland, averaging more than 5,000 metres in elevation. Without shoes, traversing this expanse becomes extremely difficult. Below are photos chronicling the day the shoes were dispersed to the many local residents.

'You are Beautiful, I am Beautiful' Project:

“You are Beautiful, I am Beautiful

In 2015 Yungchen Lhamo performed a Love Cure event entitled “You are Beautiful, I am Beautiful” with the residents of Chiz’s Heart Street in Kingston, NY. The event involved music, role-playing therapies and simple mantras for the homeless, developmentally disabled and mentally ill. This One Drop of Kindness program was reviewed by Newsweek in July 2015and by Voice of America’s Mandarin service, reaching one billion viewers across the globe. Please view our Events page for further details.


Other Past and Ongoing Projects

Offering Meals to Retirement Facility in India

Books for Children

Prosthetic Limbs for Children

Funding Girls’ Dormitory Project

Rebuilding of Nunnery in Nepal

Charitable Donations