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One Drop of Kindness Benefit Concert

Aug 15 2019
Nevada City Event
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Pioneer Park Bandshell
421 Nimrod St,
Nevada City, CA 95959

Aug 16 2019
Santa Cruz Event
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Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright Avenue 
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Aug 17 2019
Los Angeles Event
The Pico Union Project
1153 Valencia Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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in New York City
(Date and venue to be announced) 

Release of Yungchen Lhamo’s sixth album, One Drop of Kindness: Mantras for Inner Peace, with all proceeds from the album going directly to the Foundation and its projects. Distribution of the album will be funded by a Kickstartercampaign.

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 One Drop of Kindness Benefit Concert 
in Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY
featuring Yungchen Lhamo with special guests 
Natalie Merchant
Bashiri Johnson and
Bob Bottjer

Yungchen Lhamo Natalie Merchant One Drop of Kindness Concert


June 2015

'Yungchen Lhamo performed a Love Cure event entitled “You are Beautiful, I am Beautiful” with the residents of Chiz’s Heart Street in Kingston, NY.

“Lhamo’s modest musical play was the product of her charity work at Chiz’s Heart Street, and a visibly daunting experience for its actors. Many at Heart Street have struggled to interact with society: some languished, comatose, in psychiatric wards, and another spent time in prison for murder. While they flanked Lhamo before the church’s ornate pulpit, their expressions shifted gradually from bashful to assertive as they acted out a playful arc about a family reunion. Then they shifted to autobiographical tales about their lives, the most turbulent anecdotes mumbled with downcast eyes: stories of broken families, drug addiction and physical disabilities. Throughout these performances, Lhamo embraced her actors maternally, light rippling over her sequined lilac chuba (a traditional Tibetan robe) and the peacock-shaped rhinestone clip pushing back her knee-length black hair.”

"A Tibetan singer helps mentally ill patients find their voice". 
- Stacy Anderson (June 15, 2015), Newsweek. Read Full Article

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